light to Light adventure

The three essentials to happiness are:

Something to do.

Someone to love.

Something to look forward to.

Something to hope for.

Alexander Chalmers (29 March 1759 – 29 December 1834) was a Scottish writer.

Our hope was to be able to travel somewhere so that covered something to do and something to look forward to.

We needed the Covid-19 restrictions to be lifted so that we could travel again.

Finally they were and we were free to travel. Yipeeeeee

Our first adventure on our list was to trek The Light to Light walk down on The Sapphire Coast in Eden just before the Victorian border.

This walk is in The Ben Boyd National Park and starts at The Boyd Tower and finishes at The Green Cape Lightstation, the southernmost lighthouse in NSW. (You can walk in the opposite direction if you wish) The distance is 30km.

You can do this walk over 3 days and camp along the way but we love endurance so we did the walk in one day, (7hrs and 42sec)

What a team!

Our travel dates were 2-8 December 2021

We carpooled down to Eden and stayed the night in a B&B in town. We were up early the next morning to be at the Green Cape Lighthouse at 7am where we were being picked up by a transport company called Light to Light Transfer.

Bright and bubbly Jenny was there and waiting to take us to the start of the walk at Boyds Tower. Jenny was an absolute local gem who was able to tell us a lot of history about where we were.

We would absolutely recommend it, if you are doing this walk, to use this company.

Boyds Tower built in 1847 was commissioned by Benjamin Boyd and originally designed to be a lighthouse. The government rejected this proposal of a private lighthouse. Boyd changed tact and built the Sydney sandstone tower for whale spotting.

The walk hugs the coast and is a combination of coastal paths, rock hoping and beach walking. You pass through Red Sands Beach, Leather Jacket Bay, Mowarry Bay, Red Rocks and Saltwater Creek. At Saltwater Creek you do have to be aware of the tides, we were there a few hours before high tide but we still had to wade through the crystal clear water which was very refreshing.

We did get a surprise and came across an Eastern Brown snake making his way back up the beach after being in the water.

It was then onto Hegarty's Bay, Black cliffs, Bittangabee Beach Beach, Imlay House ruins, Pulpit Rock, Ly-ee-moon Graveyard and then finally the Green Cape Lighthouse was in front of us.

The views are stunning and the landscape ever changing. The track winds and is ever changing from heathland to forests, tea tree groves to banksia woodlands across lots of different terrain, red rock beaches, sand and up and down into gullies.

For about the last 8 km you can see the Green Cape Light House teasing you in the distance, and like all goods walks nearing the end, I tend to increase speed with the anticipation of the end in sight. Personally I love this part of a long trek but one of our girls swears by the hare and tortoise theory.

Green Cape Lighthouse is located on the tip of Greencape, a headland forming the northern boundary of Disaster Bay. It is the most southern lighthouse in NSW and the first lighthouse to be built in concrete in Australia. It was built in 1883 and is now decommissioned. There is now a beacon installed.