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What gear do i need?

I am going to start trek training with Fittrek, what do I need? This is a frequently asked question.I like to start by telling the girls that there is a whole new world of shopping out there. Get ready!

Bringing it back to basics all you need is a pair of trail shoes or boots, a backpack that will hold a minimum of 2 litres of water and a towel and a cup for morning tea and trekking poles if you have them.

You can purchase new “trekking” clothes but clothes that you would wear to the gym are perfectly fine to wear. Make sure the fabrics are technical, no cotton t-shirts as these do not wick away sweat but absorb and become very wet and heavy. Also no ALL black on a hot day!

Black absorbs heat from the sun at a faster pace than white or pale colours, and black also absorbs the heat from your body as well.

Where do I go to shop, can I buy on-line what is the best thing to do?

There are a myriad of trekking shops out there and of course on-line shopping. You only need to mention that you need new shoes or a backpack and your FB feed will start to advertise these things...

The best thing to do is to ask your fellow trekkers about the gear that they have. Are you happy with it, where did you buy it?

Then it is off to the shops to try on all the gear that is needed. You should not purchase anything on-line unless you have tried it on. You don’t want buyers regret or to waste your money.

When you walk into a trekking equipment shop the best thing to do is to ask the salesperson if they are experienced trekkers? This is very important as you want and need the best advice on your new gear. If they have never been out on a trail how will they have the knowledge to recommend gear?

Here are a few of my recommendations.


Salomon trail shoes (I use for trek training sessions)

Lowa boots (I used for my 1000km solo South to North traverse of Ireland). Good for both road and trail.


I have 3 backpacks, a 40L, 65L and 75L. My 40L is an Osprey, super comfortable and a great size for an overnight adventure or as a day pack for a supported trek.

My 65 and 75L Macpac packs are for bigger expeditions when you need to carry all your gear.


Personally, I recommend poles with clips on them so that you can set them perfectly to your height.

The 2 brands of poles that I have used are Black Diamond and Macpac. I have been happy with both.

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