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  • When do the FITTREK sessions start?
    FITTREK for women runs throughout the year. The sessions run for 90 minutes each Monday, 6.15pm -7.45pm, 3 hours on Thursdays 9:30am to 12:30pm and 3 hours on Sundays from 7:30am to 10.30am. We have seasonal 5 hour sessions on Sundays. To book your FITTREK session join here
  • ​What happens in a FITTREK session?
    Every session will have certain milestones to achieve to ensure we are maximising your efforts and progressing your fitness journey. Whilst each FITTREK session has consistencies our trainers do say that “every session is a different experience” with the variety in location, weather, focus of workout etc. We use the many opportunities that natural surrounds present such as such as stairs / hills / rocks / coastline / river crossings to maximise our FITTREK journey.
  • How do I join?
  • ​Where do you train?
    FITTREK for women train in different locations each week across the North Shore taking advantage of our stunning National Parks and bushland areas. On Sunday’s we head to our spectacular coastline at various locations on the Northern Beaches. Timetables for forthcoming sessions are on our website.
  • How do the FITTREK sessions work?
    Once you’ve booked your spot you’ll be contacted by your FITTREK Trainers before your FITTREK session starts. You’ll be notified of the location and meeting place each week. (This is also listed on our website). Participants are encouraged to arrive at the meeting location 15 minutes prior to the session starting to ensure everyone is ready to start the session on time. After your amazing 90 minute and 3 hour FITTREK session, we return to (and finish at) the starting point of the trek.
  • Who is a FITTREK woman?
    A Fittrek woman is..... A woman who likes to feel grounded in the bush. She seeks the company of like minded women. She loves to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. She loves to exercise without even realising she is (apart from the hill and stair repeats) She loves making new friends. She loves going on adventures. The best thing about all of the above is that you will join a community of like minded women who will encourage and accept YOU for being you.
  • ​How fit do I have to be?
    We find that many women underestimate what they are capable of and we encourage you to call and chat to one of our trainers if you have concerns about your level of fitness. Don’t forget it is our job to manage a whole variety of fitness levels and this is something we embrace. However, as a guideline, being able to walk 4km per hour for 90 - 120 minutes is a good base level. If you feel that you need assistance to reach this level we have a variety of resources to enable your fitness journey to commence. Please call us to discuss.
  • ​Do I need to do additional training?
    We encourage additional training on a regular basis. Our trainers are advocates of cross training and incorporate things such as pilates / yoga , trail running, swimming, gym and resistance training. FITTREK is a part of your overall fitness journey .
  • ​What are the benefits of joining FITTREK?
    The benefits of joining FITTREK are far reaching. The undisputed benefits of strength work and cardiovascular fitness are part of every FITTREK session. Take those elements into natural surroundings and the result is adventurous and revitalising. Quite simply being in nature improves our mental and physical well being on many levels. Many FITTREK clients report improvements in balance, coordination and general well being as well as surpassing their own strength and endurance expectations. You join a community of women with the motivation to embrace fitness, nature and adventuring together. With over 15 years of trail adventure experience, Rozzie, Lisa and Natalie are your FITTREK Trainers who are dynamic, adventurous and ready to help you discover the brilliance of trail walking!
  • ​Can I bring a friend?
    You can bring a friend to the to try out a session. We will give them a complimentary session so that they can find out and experience what we do.
  • ​How many women are there in a group?
    We generally have up to 12 women in FITTREK session.
  • ​What do I bring to training?
    Please wear comfortable walking boots / runners that provide grip. Shorts, t-shirt and a small backpack to carry sunblock, insect repellant and approximately 1.5 litres of water, an extra layer on the cooler days and a raincoat. It’s a great idea to bring a towel as we may incorporate stretch or mobility time in our FITTREK session. To take advantage of all the benefits a FITTREK session offers we like mobile phones to be turned off, however we do encourage that they are carried as they are good safety equipment. FITTREK trainers provide a light snack for morning tea, yet it is important to have breakfast before your session. For more information about what gear you need click here
  • Is FITTREK just bush walking?
    No it isn't. Some people may say I can bushwalk with my friends and family for free, so what am I paying for if I join Fittrek? You can go for a bush walk with your friends and family but you will wander and that is awesome but you will not make fitness gains as there will be no fitness goals set for you. I guarantee that you will not run up stairs, do hill repeats, you may do one but there will be no-one to encourage you and push you just that little bit more. You will learn how to walk faster and use your body to scramble up and over rocks and steep terrain. You are paying for the local knowledge and expertise of a trek training expert.
  • Why do we wear pink?
    Pink is a gorgeous colour and it really pops in the bush. We stand out! It makes us feel happy! Our photos always look bright and engaging.
  • What does it cost?
    A FITTREK for Women session costs $55 for a casual visit and $500 for a 10 pack. 3 hour sessions cost $35 for a casual and $320 for a 10 pack.
  • What is a trek training expert?
    A coach who will motivate you and teach you all you need to know about preparing for an adventure trek. You will learn about all the correct gear from shoes to hats and everything in between. The sessions are prepared using the local terrain to get you super fit. Your cardio, endurance and strength will all increase.
  • ​Do I need to sign any forms?
    We request that you sign a Risk Waiver and a Pre - exercise Screening Form on the morning prior to the first session. You will only need to fill these forms in once. If you have any health or fitness issues we encourage you to call and discuss this with our FITTREK trainer, Rozzie, 0407 899 689.
  • ​What is it’s raining, or cold?"
    FITTREK sessions run in all weather. We still meet you in the specified location and your trainer may adjust the session plan accordingly. Varying weather is another great opportunity to truly connect with elements, be able to test gear and challenge your comfort zone.
  • ​What happens if I can’t make a training session?
    We encourage you to make fitness and health your priority and commit to the term. However we do understand that things happen and sessions are missed. If you need to cancel out of a session we appreciate that you advise your trainer by text or email.
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