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FITTREK is outdoor adventure for women over age 40 who are looking to experience stunning trails, hills and landscapes to challenge their bodies and mind. FITTREK offers three different trekking options. Shorter 90 min treks are available for those who want to experience the feeling of escaping into the beautiful bush but have limited time. 3 hour sessions provide the time to help strengthen your body to become comfortable with longer treks. Perfect for those who are aiming to do a holiday trek or an adventure challenge. FITTREK also offers full day trekking sessions, the distances vary between 25km and 40km, usually along gorgeous beach tracks, undulating hills and amazing bush scenery all whilst increasing stamina. FITTREK is all about challenging yourself and is not simply a "walking" group. Lead by experienced personal trainers/adventure coaches, FITTREK locations vary each week and are held primarily but not limited to the bush tracks of the Kuringai and Garigal National Parks.


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