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Founder and Trek Coach


Rozzie has been an adventure coach for 12 years and in that time has extensively travelled the world. 

To name a few:

Everest Basecamp - Tibet

Mt Kilimanjaro - Tanzania

Machu Picchu - South America

Torres del Paine - South America

Mt Chomalari Basecamp - Bhutan

Trekked the length of Ireland, 1000km solo, in winter in 40 days.

Rozzie is also an ultra event lover, her most recent The Shot Over Mountain Marathon in  New Zealand, February 2020.

She has done many Ultras, Oxfams and Coastreks.

Her experience in training and guiding teams of women to the top of mountains and to the end of an Ultra Marathon is 100% SUCCESS!

She loves training and has a huge amount of  mental toughness, she uses her skills to bring out the best in her clients and will not hear a “I can’t do that!” She believes that with a strong mind comes a strong body.

She has a strong “you can do it’ and her mission in life is to keep women moving for life!!!

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Trek Coach


Rozzie & Lisa are also fully qualified Personal Trainers and adventure coaches who have worked together for over 10 years. Both have remote first aid qualifications. They love to combine fitness, adventure and nature and are completely passionate about sharing the experience with other women and inspiring them to achieve goals.

Lisa's life is adventure after adventure, she is a back country ski instructor in both Japan and Thredbo and into mountain and endurance biking and trail running. It's hard to pin her down but when we do she takes everyone on a mighty great adventure.


Trek Coach


Kirsty has been participating in Trek Training since 2012 and has extensive knowledge of local bush and coastal trails. She has done many hikes in Australia - her longest being the Cape to Cape, WA -  135kms over 5 days in 2019. She is energetic, active and obsessed with the outdoors, rarely found inside!


Kirsty has a university degree in Graphic Design and is also Fittrek's web designer. She is a qualified Athletics and Basketball Coach who continues to coach kids at local schools when she's not out on the trails leading Fittrek hikes. She loves to stay busy!

Her Fittrek sessions are motivating, fun and encourage a love for getting fit in a bush environment. She focusses on building self-belief, resilience and an 'I can do this' attitude.