Light to Light Trek, Eden NSW
then over the border to Victoria to explore the beautiful Mallacoota area,

3 and a half days of trekking, 30-50kms


December 2 - 7, 2021

Join us as we trek from the historic Boyds Tower to Green Cape Lightstation in the Ben Boyd National Park, in the far south coast of NSW.  A stunning coastal walk of 31.9 km. We will take on this trek and achieve it in one day. We then get to spend the night at one of The Green Cape Lightstation cottages. After this we will travel over the border to Victoria to Mallacoota where we will explore some magic walks over two and a half days before travelling back home.

Accomodation with be in an Airbnb house.





Watch this space

The Warrumbungle mountains are a series of huge jagged outcrops in a roughly circular pattern, surrounded by hilly bush and woodland forest. Dykes, plugs and domes are common. Vents and rocky formations are all named - Belougery Spire, Belougery Split Rock, Crater Bluff, Bluff Mountain, The Breadknife and Mount Exmouth. The Breadknife, a straight wall of jagged rock nearly 100 metre high, is particularly rare. There is an extensive network of nine walking tracks across the central peaks.



Alpine Adventure, Snowy Mountains

2.5 days, 40-60kms


April 15 - 18, 2021

Summit Mt Kosciusko.

Superb views across the main range

2.5 days of magical trekking, led by backcountry specialist Lisa Murphy.

Fun with your Fittrek friends.



Green Gully Track

4 days, 65kms


July 22 - 26, 2021

Join us as we explore The Green Gully Track, in The Oxley Wild Rivers National Park. An adventurous 65km walk over 5 days.

The track takes you on a journey deep into the Apsley-Macleay gorges.

We will ascend, descend, cross creek beds and more. After a big day of trekking you'll be happy to know that we will be dry and warm as we stay in restored stockman huts along the way.

You’ll need to be fit and prepared for long and sometimes hard trekking over the 5 days.

Training with us will get you prepared for this amazing adventure.