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Coastrek 30km - March 19 2021

In our quest to have an adventure together every month we set our sights on participating in Coastrek on Friday March 19th.

“The magic of Coastrek is that our route journeys right along the coastline, on sandy beaches, harbourside trails and coastal headlands. You'll experience Sydney Harbour like you've never seen it before.” Coastrek

This is a team of 4 event. You can choose to trek either 60km, 30km or 15km.

We chose to trek the 30km event, the route was from Long Reef to Middle Head in Mosman.

We fielded 2 teams of 4, this really gave us something to train for. Some of the girls had never trekked this distance so a huge challenge for them.

Coastrek is not just about the physical challenge but also the challenge to raise $500 per person for Beyond Blue. Mental health is truly a worthy cause to trek that far for.

Between our 2 teams we have raised over $9412 so far.

If you would like to donate it to our teams, it’s not too late.


Rozzie, Vic, Michelle, Shelley, Jane, Kate W, Annaliese and Kate F

The weather leading up to the event was appalling, windy and lots of rain. We were mentally prepared for this but on the day, after a little bit of rain at the start line, it cleared up and we had the best trekking weather. It was wet underfoot but that is not a problem for us.

We spend so much time on the trails in all weather that we don’t mind wet feet. It was funny seeing some of the participants trying to keep their shoes dry (especially the pure white trainers).

We were 2 teams but we decided it would be much more fun for us all to stay together so we worked as a team of 8.

As with life the more you practice the better you are with something. All the hours my girls put in on the trails gave them the confidence to take on the challenges of this event.

30km is quite a distance, especially if you haven’t done it before.

Our plan was to not stop, except for toilet breaks, one in all in!!

At the halfway point at Balgowlah, we got to sit down for about 15 minutes to address any feet issues. We had the best coffee delivery from one of the girl’s daughters. Laura was a vision coming across the park with 2 trays of coffee.

We ate as we walked so as not to waste time, it is too easy to keep stopping but this adds hours onto your day. We wanted to do the 30km in under 8 hours.

In endurance events you have highs and lows where your energy is high and then it can plummet down quite quickly. To help with this I encouraged the girls to eat every 45 minutes and to stay hydrated.

I shared my favourite food choices for an endurance event, vegemite and cheese on white bread sandwiches, cut into quarters and accessible so that you can easily grab on the go and nibble away. Pikelets with jam and grapes are my other favourites.

The girls were “really you eat that?” but are now convinced that it works. You need easily digested carbs, (white bread), salty savoury (vegemite and cheese) and a little pick me up of sweetness (grapes).

Eating a continuous supply of sugary lollies gives you big highs and big lows, nuts make you bloat.

My food combination is well tried and tested. Works every time!

We kept together or in the line of sight, front waiting for the back to catch up at times and then off we would go again.

Excitement mounted when we were close to the finish line. We were heading for a great time.

We crossed the line in 7 hours and 1 minute. The minute was used getting us all in a line to cross at the same time I reckon.

We were handed our finish bags with our medals and a glass of prosecco, what a perfect finish!

Happy girls and a happy coach!!

So now for the next adventure…… Thredbo backcountry in a couple of weeks.

You always need a goal to work for and then keeping fit is not hard at all!!

Rozzie Warne


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