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Why do we wear pink?

It's a gorgeous colour and it really pops in the bush. We stand out! It makes us feel happy! Our photos always look bright and engaging.

Is Fittrek just bush walking?

No it isn't.

Some people may say I can bushwalk with my friends and family for free, so what am I paying for if I join Fittrek?

You can go for a bush walk with your friends and family but you will wander and that is awesome but you will not make fitness gains as there will be no fitness goals set for you.

I guarantee that you will not run up stairs, do hill repeats, you may do one but there will be no-one to encourage you and push you just that little bit more.

You will learn how to walk faster and use your body to scramble up and over rocks and steep terrain.

You are paying for the local knowledge and expertise of a trek training expert.

What is a trek training expert?

A coach who will motivate you and teach you all you need to know about preparing for an adventure trek.

You will learn about all the correct gear from shoes to hats and everything in between.

The sessions are prepared using the local terrain to get you super fit. Your cardio, endurance and strength will all increase.

Who is a Fittrek woman?

A Fittrek woman is.....

A woman who likes to feel grounded in the bush.

She seeks the company of like minded women.

She loves to get away from the hustle and bustle of life.

She loves to exercise without even realising she is (apart from the hill and stair repeats)

She loves making new friends.

She loves going on adventures.

The best thing about all of the above is that you will join a community of like minded women who will encourage and accept YOU for being you.

Our schedule is now on line for 2024.

We start again for the year in the last week in February.

Check it out and put the dates and locations in your diary.

We are looking forward to a big year full of Fun, Adventure and Fitness


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